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About Patent Services

Efficient Methods

I have developed efficient methods for producing high quality technical drawings with the use of computer aided drafting programs combined with conventional procedures. This combination allows for the creation of drawings that have the quality and feel of table drafting while improving turn-around time. I use conventional methods for creating isometric views, rather than modeling programs, so as to retain the classic style and quality that is already established in the field. Drawings are plotted or laser-printed in variable pen widths on quality stock to fulfill the requirements of Patent and Trademark Offices. Storage of drawings as data allows for convenient revision and duplication on different size media as is often necessary for international protection.

Extensive Experience

I have produced patent drawings since 1989, allowing the experience and knowledge necessary to create a complete set of preliminary drawings from minimum client information. I work efficiently from limited resources, ie. rough sketches, photos, prototypes, etc. I have illustrated hundreds of patent applications, accepted by the U.S.P.T.O., and therefore produce utility patents that will effectively protect each case in detail with exploded, cross-sectional and in-use views as necessary. I take pride in establishing a logical order of figures allowing visual understanding to the reader with little assistance from documentation. This set of drawings is easily applied to the patent document for effective disclosure.

Consistency Enhanced

After completion of a preliminary set of drawings, a laser proof, identical to the plotted set, is faxed for approval or correction. Revision can then be made conveniently as needed and reference material added. This effective use of visual and graphic communication, efficient methods and data storage allow for enhanced consistency between client and illustrator, as well as between disclosure document and drawing figures. A sense of security and convenience is thus established in that neither drawings nor reference need be final and reproduction thereof is available upon request.

Productivity Conserved

Through effective use of modern methods of communication, office and travel time can be minimized. This valuable time, better used for productivity, is thus conserved by both parties. Personal deliveries can be eliminated through express courier correspondence, allowing for more convenience in the reception of final drawings.

Drawing Reproduction

I have also developed effective methods for producing accurate reproductions of illustrations. This is often required when the original drafter cannot be contacted and revision of previously submitted, disallowed, or pigeon-holed material is necessary. Through use of scanner, digitizer, and knowledge of vector methods, these images can be duplicated in form and function and revised for acceptance by the P.T.O. This service is also useful for creation and reproduction of trademarks and advertisements.

Drawing Prices

Please contact me for pricing possibilities and service availability.

Drawing Gallery

This portion of the page is currently under construction. Please visit the old samples page here to view some of my previous work.





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